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to the health of

all mothers, babies and children

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What does the study involve?

• Collection of lifestyle and diet questionnaires
• Additional biologic samples at the time of routine care
• Collection of pregnancy related outcomes

What will the study investigate?

• Factors that contribute to a healthy pregnancy
• Mothers emotional health and well-being throughout pregnancy and postpartum
• The long-term health of mother and baby
• Children’s life-long health, learning and social functioning



Why is the Ontario Birth Study important?

This study will help researchers and clinicians better understand pregnancy, the health of mothers and babies and ultimately the importance of early life experiences on childhood and later life health and well-being. 



Who is conducting the study?

A team of more than thirty clinicians, investigators and research staff with a wide range of expertise are involved.

Dr. Alan Bocking, MD., Chair of the Ontario Birth Study Steering Committee
t: 416-586-8406  
 e: abocking@mtsinai.on.ca



 Who can participate?

All pregnant women at Mount Sinai Hospital who are:
• At least 18 years of age
• Less than 16 weeks pregnant

Women from all backgrounds with different life experiences are needed

What are the risks & benefits?

• There are no risks to you or your baby – we are not asking you to do anything that is not already part of your routine care

• There is no immediate benefit to you for participating, but you will help to gain new knowledge that will improve the health of future mothers and babies


Contact Information

Mary-Jean Martin RN, CCRP
Research Unit Manager
Research Project Manager

Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Mount Sinai Hospital
416-586-4800 ext 2977





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